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creekridge now offers horse training, horse showing & horse breeding

Creekridge’s “Heartland Wonderful Miss” Undefeated in 2009 (Winning Lawrenceburg Open Road Pony Champion)

creekridge events galleries

UTC Scrimmage 2004

UTC Scrimmage 2005

CHS Scrimmage 2007

Football Players in Huddle
UTC Football Player
Cleveland High School Football Player

Christmas At The Cabin 2007

CHS Reunion 2009: Classes ’67-’72

Chattanooga / Cleveland Charity Horse
Show Opening Gala – May 29, 2007

Three Christmas Trees
People at CHS Reunion

property photo galleries

Greenhouse & Aviary

The Stables

The Stables’ Babies

Pavilion / Football Field


Bush that looks kind of like a dog.
Windmill Horse
Fancy horse